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Topic: Substance dependence


Alcohol dependence has been well investigated in the last decades, regarding physical, mental and social implications, which are responsible for the multi-factorial causes of this disorder.

Statistical analysis shows that every year about 10.000 new alcohol dependents are recorded. Regarding the year 2003, in Austria mean per-head alcohol consumption was 12.7 litres pure alcohol, placing Austria in the upper third compared to the rest of Europe.

Genetic predisposition plays an important role – therefore children of alcohol dependent parents, especially sons, have a higher risk of developing alcohol dependence too. However, at the moment data suggest that the number of young women addicted to alcohol is rising.

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Men who are alcohol dependent usually seek specific treatment options at an earlier stage compared with women. In addition, men stay in treatment longer, whereas women tend to deny their alcoholism and willingness to undergo treatment is reached at a later point.

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